2 paid internship in VR for the summer

There are 2 paid interns going for the IMO for the summer for Swansea students and alumni.

More details on Swansea Employability Academy


Engineering Virtual Reality Assistant

As a VR assistant in the College of Engineering, you will provide support and research development to the college of engineering’s Immersive Media Observatory. The role will involve the following work:

  • Providing tours to the Immersive Media Observatory
  • Maintain state of IMO resources (keeping the room clear, keeping device cable tidy, devices charged when not in use and keeping software up to date)
  • Updating website IMO website and related online systems with relevant tutorials (video & text) and content (reviews, news and open source content)
  • Support to lectures project content where possible.
  • Support to industry project content where possible.


This role will require undertaking e-learning to become a VR developer to be able to support the project. The successful applicant will therefore have the opportunity to use:

  • Unity3d and be able deploy apps to:
    • Android : S7, VRGear, Cardboard, Moverio
    • SteamVR: Vive
    • Hololens
  • VRTK (Virtual Reality Tool Kit)
  • GitHub
  • Vuforia

In addition to this, as a personal Project, you will be assigned a project to help expand the current demands of the IMO. Projects cross referenced skill set of the employee, will be based around:

  • VR Locomotion
  • Data visualisation
  • Multiplayer
  • Alterative Control Devices
  • Mixed Reality
  • Photogrammetry
  • Lidar data
  • Spatial Mapping
  • Internal positioning system
  • Simulation Visualisation.