[Quick post] mach-o linker (id) error while using Unity to build Cardboard VR apps for iPhones

TL;DR use Xcode to open Unity-iPhone.xcworkspace not Unity-iPhone.xcodeproj

While following this guide for building apps for iphones


I came across an error after I activated the PlayerSetting>iOS>Virtual Reality SDK + Cardboard

mach-o linker (id) error

after I did some searching I found

>I finally found out that i had to open the xcworkspace instead of the xcodeproj. Using the xcworkspace, there is a “Pods” that is added and compiled before the unity project.

If this is the solution for building an iOS build it would be nice to mention somewhere to use the xcworkspace instead of xcodeproj.


First look at Google Blocks

The recently released Google Blocks is a simple modelling tool designed around Virtual Reality. The modelling is based around placing simple shapes into the 3d environment, these can then be intersected and modified to create fairly complex low poly models.

This snowman took just over a minute to build and shows how you use simple shapes to create the models.
the entire modelling interface uses only six tools, making it very easy to get started.

The advantage of Google Blocks is its simplicity, the interface uses only six modelling tools which are intuitive to use making it very easy to start playing around with. The models you create can be saved as .obj models to your documents folder, making Blocks a valid modelling tool. You can also publish your models to Googles site where they can be viewed and downloaded. A reference Image can be added into the environment which is a valuable tool if wanting to create more detailed models.

Unfortunately the lack of tools the makes google blocks simple is also one of its drawbacks, creating more complex models requires a creative mind to combine and modify the given shapes into what you want, Google Blocks definitely fits Bushnell’s law: Easy to learn, difficult to master.

I could not find a way to remove material and so had to settle for protruding pips on this model. these where created by embedding a cone into the cube.

Overall Google Blocks is a great tool for anyone to get a taste of 3D modelling and can be used to create great low poly models, the limit being the creativity of the user in how they combine simple shapes to create their models.

using the modify tool to extend a cone into a carrot.
Using the stroke tool to draw out a branch arm.
The colour palette is on the reverse of the tool selection box, none of the modelling tools require going into a menu to select.

VR Experience Photos

At the SALT conference the attendants got a change to explore VR we had a combination of apps from IMO’s own work and free examples.


2 paid internship in VR for the summer

There are 2 paid interns going for the IMO for the summer for Swansea students and alumni.

More details on Swansea Employability Academy


Engineering Virtual Reality Assistant

As a VR assistant in the College of Engineering, you will provide support and research development to the college of engineering’s Immersive Media Observatory. The role will involve the following work:

  • Providing tours to the Immersive Media Observatory
  • Maintain state of IMO resources (keeping the room clear, keeping device cable tidy, devices charged when not in use and keeping software up to date)
  • Updating website IMO website and related online systems with relevant tutorials (video & text) and content (reviews, news and open source content)
  • Support to lectures project content where possible.
  • Support to industry project content where possible.


This role will require undertaking e-learning to become a VR developer to be able to support the project. The successful applicant will therefore have the opportunity to use:

  • Unity3d and be able deploy apps to:
    • Android : S7, VRGear, Cardboard, Moverio
    • SteamVR: Vive
    • Hololens
  • VRTK (Virtual Reality Tool Kit)
  • GitHub
  • Vuforia

In addition to this, as a personal Project, you will be assigned a project to help expand the current demands of the IMO. Projects cross referenced skill set of the employee, will be based around:

  • VR Locomotion
  • Data visualisation
  • Multiplayer
  • Alterative Control Devices
  • Mixed Reality
  • Photogrammetry
  • Lidar data
  • Spatial Mapping
  • Internal positioning system
  • Simulation Visualisation.